Do you accept same day bookings?

No, I am very busy. I prefer to session when I have had time to mentally and physically prepare; for both our sakes

Can I request you wear something specific?

Yes, you may. However, I ultimately decide what I will wear and if the suggested attire is suitable for the session. I cater for Latex, Leather, PVC fetish. If you wish to purchase something specific, please discuss this with Me first, so I can advise My body measurements

Do you tour?

Yes, occasionally I tour if time permits or I am collaborating with one of My friends. Be sure to regularly check My social media pages and website for details of future events

Will you go beyond my limits?

Absolutely not! Your limits and safe words are discussed prior to your booking. Whilst part of the 'fun' of the session is to push your limits/boundaries, they will not be exceeded. 

NOTE: I pride myself on being a great reader of body language. I find that safe words are rarely used in My sessions. However, rest assured, I will push your limits and if you do not respect the need for a safe word then you are not the player for Me

Are your rates negotiable?

No. My hourly rate is £150, and part thereof. For example, and hour and half would be £225. 

Travel & Accommodation expenses are extra

Do you provide hand jobs/oral/etc.

No. I am a Professional Dominatrix. I provide FemDom and BDSM services. I do not offer services of a sexual nature. I dominate the body and mind.